We like to see our patients every six months for a professional cleaning to ensure that you maintain a healthy smile. Regular dental visits, along with good home care, help prevent oral health issues.

At your first visit, our hygienists will create a full-mouth periodontal chart that includes the depths of the pockets surrounding your teeth, noting any bleeding, charting the presence and location of plaque and calculus, charting gum recession.

We will also ask you about your medical and dental history. We’ll also ask about tobacco and alcohol use, and your dental hygiene routines. We can discuss any personal steps you can take to improve your dental health, if necessary.

We finish with a thorough cleaning that involves the removal of tartar and stains with hand instruments or a hand-held laser for stubborn stains and plaque, followed by polishing to eliminate remaining stains and plaque. The results are a squeaky-clean feeling and a beautiful luster.