Comprehensive Exams

“Comprehensive” takes on a whole new meaning at the dental office of Dr. Blanca Fernandez in Lakeland! Your first visit to our office includes a comprehensive dental exam that goes well beyond X-rays and cleaning.

We ask about your complete medical and dental history so we have a good picture of what your dental needs might be.We talk with you about your current home care and to review your oral hygiene techniques. We’ll chart your existing fillings or other restorations and take digital X-rays and intraoral pictures to help us diagnose and current or potential problems you might experience.

We’ll chart the condition of your gums with periodontal measurements that assess the health of your bones and gums.

Dr. Fernandez performs a screening for oral cancer, and looks for any signs of bruxism, which means teeth grinding or jaw clenching.

We’ll also do a tooth color shade assessment so if you need any dental restorations, we can make sure they match your natural tooth color. We’ll finish up with a thorough cleaning and a fluoride treatment if you need it.