We want you to make dental care a regular part of your healthcare. There’s no need to fear the dentist or worry about pain. Everything we do, from cleaning to full-mouth restoration, is done with your comfort in mind. We use up-to-date technology and the newest techniques to help you be comfortable and relaxed while you’re here.

We use local anesthesia to help prevent pain in the area where we’re performing any work. This blocks the nerves in the area and you’ll feel numbness during treatment, and possibly afterwards.

We can also use topical anesthetics if you have mouth sores that are painful.

Dr. Fernandez is qualified to prescribe oral sedation for you if you’re especially nervous or having an involved procedure. You take a small pill before your appointment and will be relaxed and calm when you get here (you’ll need someone to drive you to and from your appointment). You won’t be unconscious, just pleasantly free from anxiety.