Smile Whitening

Porous tooth enamel causes teeth to darken over time, as teeth absorb stains from the food we eat. We help patients whiten their teeth by several shades in just a single trip to our office, with same-day teeth whitening. Results are dramatic, and perfect for looking your best. Our whitening product naturally lift stains by an accelerated oxidation process, making the enamel look years younger, and naturally whiter.

Dr. Fernandez can help you determine if your teeth and gums are healthy and good candidates for teeth whitening and which whitening process will give you even, natural-looking results.

Treatment takes as little as 30 minutes. The results are instant and no follow-up visit is required. There is little to no tooth sensitivity after treatment. Dr. Fernandez can also give you whitening trays to take home and complete when it’s convenient for you.