Crown lengthening and gum recontouring

If you have a gummy smile or are dealing with an uneven gum line caused by periodontal disease, you may be a good candidate for crown lengthening or gum recontouring. Dr. Blanca Fernandez of Highland Dental Clinic in South Lakeland, FL., provides this procedure as part of her restorative and cosmetic dentistry services.

What is crown lengthening/gum recontouring?

Blanca Fernandez describes the crown lengthening and gum recontouring process as a series of treatments designed to improve the appearance of a patient’s smile. This technique is used to reshape and reposition your gum line to expose more of your natural tooth structure and make it look longer. It can also be helpful in the event that a portion of a tooth has become decayed, broken, or chipped due to decay or injury. 

This treatment is not just designed for cosmetic purposes alone. While gum recontouring can be helpful in addressing a “gummy smile,” it can also be used to repair the gum line after conditions like periodontal disease have caused the shrinking of the natural gum tissues. The gum line may be uneven or inflamed, and tissue can be removed to provide the esthetic balance to the smile with treatment by a dental professional.

What can I expect during gum recontouring and crown extension treatment?

Patients often have questions about the process involving this procedure. Dr. Blanca Fernandez starts by evaluating the patient’s oral health and creating a comprehensive treatment plan. This may include X-rays, as well as other diagnostic tools.

The procedure is done under local anesthetic to ensure the patient’s comfort. Dr. Blanca Fernandez then uses a Laser and special instruments to remove excess tissue from the area. Following this procedure, patients may experience swelling and tenderness in their gums for several days after treatment.

How do I learn more?

If you believe this treatment might be right, call Dr. Blanca Fernandez and her team at (863)-647-1954 to request a consultation visit.

She also serves Bartow, Plant City, and Winter Haven, Florida, patients.