Why are comprehensive dental exams and dental x-rays important?

Dr. Blanca Fernandez of Highland Dental Clinic highlights the importance of comprehensive dental exams and dental x-rays in her office. It is one of the best ways for patients to maintain healthy smiles free from decay and disease. 

Comprehensive dental exams are critical for detecting problems such as cavities, gum disease, and other oral health issues that might develop within the smile without you even knowing! During a comprehensive exam, Dr. Fernandez will carefully examine your mouth and note any irregularities in the teeth or gums, known as a periodontal examination for potential problems. She may also recommend dental x-rays to get a better look at areas that cannot easily be seen through a physical exam alone.

How do x-rays help the dentist?

Dental x-rays allow dentists to view more than just what’s visible on the surface of your teeth, including signs of tooth decay and periodontal disease. Dental x-rays also provide valuable information about the shape and structure of bones beneath the gums and allow her to evaluate the health of the bone holding the teeth in place. With tooth loss, patients may undergo dental x-rays to monitor any dental resorption or to determine if they have enough bone to support a dental implant successfully.

How often should I visit the dentist for an intraoral examination?

In addition to taking care of the smile with brushing and flossing, patients are urged to visit their dentist at least twice a year. If you have been diagnosed with specific conditions such as bruxism or periodontal disease, Dr. Fernandez may recommend that you arrive on a more regular basis, such as every three or four months, to monitor any progression of problems and ensure the mouth stays healthy longer! Regular dental visits can guarantee a smile free from disease and decay when paired with proper oral health habits at home.

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